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  • Handles labels up to 125mm wide
  • Roll diameter capacity up to 220mm
  • Available for 38, 40, 44, 70, 76 and 100mm cores
  • For 24.5mm cores
  • Speed up to 50cm/sec

Shipping within 1 - 5 days


The MC-10, for 25.4mm core, handles labels up to 125 mm wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 220 mm diameter. The new build-in potentiometer allows to control the amount of rewind speed/torque. No awkward, troublesome belts or clutches are used and no speed adjustments are required.

The Mini-Cat has an inner label flange to keep the edge of the label web aligned as the labels are being rewound.

Reliable, high quality and maintenance-free, the Mini-CAT Label Rewinder features a 5-YEAR PARTS and LABOUR LIMITED WARRANTY (1-Year on power supplies), the longest in the industry.

Power supply :

P/N: LMR002

Options & attachments

Adjustable Paper Guide-Mini-CAT

Adjustable Paper Guide-Mini-CAT


The Adjustable Paper Guide (APG) Guides the outer edege of the labels to ensure an even roll edge.

Mounted onto the base-plate of the MC-10 and MC-11 Mini-Cat Rewinders.

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  • Handles labels up to 155mm wide
  • Roll diameter capacity up to 300mm
  • Available for 38, 40, 44, 50, 70, 76 and 100mm cores
  • Speed up to 80cm/s
  • Max roll weight 8 kg
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