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  • Pre-set Counter
  • handles labels up to 255mm label width
  • For all types of labels

Shipping within 1 - 5 days


This stand-alone unit can be placed at the output of the printer allowing to count the labels as they are printed. The COUNT-100-U works with an ultrasonic fork detector to count any type of labels.

A rewinder will be needed to wind up the labels after they have been counted. The COUNT-100-U can also be used with an unwinder and a rewinder to form a stand-alone off-line label inspection/counting station.

Labelmate products are trouble-free and covered by our famous 3-Year Parts and Labour Limited Warranty (1-Year on power supplies), the longest in the industry.

P/N: LMC007

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  • Handles labels up to 152mm wide
  • Roll capacity up to 330mm
  • Available for 38, 40, 44, 70, 76 and 100mm cores for the unwind shaft
  • Adjustable core holder (25 to 101mm) for the take-up shaft
  • Speed up to 235cm/sec
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