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In September 2021, the fruitful cooperation between Labelmate and WECOBOTS led to a new, innovative labeling technology called WELABEL. WELABEL is a full-automatic labeling machine that beats the current standards of agility and speed. In under 40 seconds, the WELABEL applies labels to all four sides of a pallet. An innovative, top-notch labeling device that contains a peculiar label supply mechanism: our UNI-CAT unwinder/rewinder.



WECOBOTS is a subsidiary of WETRON. Opposed to its mother company, WECOBOTS only focuses on the Spanish market. The company is determined to give and create a whole new dimension to innovative labeling technologies. It features a target audience of pharma companies and firms within the food and beverage industry.

In September 2021, WECOBOTS launched its newest labeling solution: WELABEL. This collaborative robot labels all four sides of a pallet in about 40 seconds. Not only does this machine allows companies to work faster & more efficiently, but it also saves them a lot of space and money.

Space-, money and time-saving solution

Contrary to popular belief, the purchase of a collaborative robot is not impossibly dear. The labeling solution is available at a much lower cost than cognate setups involving more traditional robots. Therefore, clients can recoup their investment quickly and achieve sustainable profits. Another perk of choosing a WELABEL instead of a classical robot is that it consumes a lot less space due to its mounting on the ceiling. An area of only 28 square feet suffices.

Need to make a minor adjustment during the labeling process? No problem. Making changes to settings can be done smoothly, thanks to the uncomplicated operating system. An operator can very quickly modify the parameters without any complicated programming work.



As previously mentioned, Labelmate played an essential role in this success story. The UNI-CAT is the sharpest and most versatile rewinder/unwinder in its product range! With various core sizes, widths, roll diameters, and options to choose from, this rewinder/unwinder is suitable for every job.

In this project, the UNI-CAT rewinds the backing paper after the labels have been printed and peeled off in the industrial print engine made by Sato Corporation. Operating with features like auto-calibration and auto-speed-adjustment, the UNI-CAT smoothly follows the rhythm of the print engine and the cobot.

Are you interested in seeing how our UNI-CAT contributes to WECOBOTS’ innovative labeling solution? Make sure to watch the video below.

Make sure to check out our product pages if you want to know more about our label unwinders and rewinders.


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