Botlr – Redefining efficient labeling

The ultimate round bottle labelling machine

In a world where precision and time-saving are of the essence, Labelmate is thrilled to present Botlr, a semi-automatic round bottle label applicator. Powered by its cutting-edge patented technology, Botlr is all set to revolutionize the labeling landscape.

Botlr is meticulously crafted to streamline and expedite the labeling journey. Its patented technology empowers Botlr to seamlessly gauge the bottle’s diameter, negating the need for manual label dimension entries. It’s as simple as unboxing Botlr, affixing the label roll, and following the on-screen cues. Botlr takes care of the rest with impeccable accuracy and intuitive ease.

No matter if you’re venturing in the realm of beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or other diverse sectors, Botlr effortlessly tailors itself to your requirements. The machine effortlessly handles bottles and containers spanning 13mm to 120mm in diameter, completely unburdened by length constraints. Transitioning to diverse labels and bottle sizes clocks in at under 2 minutes, providing an unparalleled flexibility for an array of applications.

The trifecta of Botlr’s user-friendly interface, ingenious engineering, and exclusive patented technology positions it as an invaluable asset for any enterprise committed to precision, efficiency, and time savings in the labeling process.

For deeper insights and pricing specifics, delve into Botlr’s website to unravel how this bottle label applicator can seamlessly transform and optimize your labeling venture.

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